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  2. NutraGreen 4 (Autumn/Winter)


October - February


  • Stimulates chlorophyll activity
  • Encourages stronger, more robust grass plants
  • Dehydrates and controls moss


  • Blanket spray

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NutraGreen 4 (Autumn/Winter)

Stronger and greener grass to cope with the winter

The autumn and winter climate will eventually slow and stop the grass growing. The GreenThumb NutraGreen 4 is a liquid-based micronutrient rich treatment. It is different from the NutraGreen 1-3 treatments in that it doesn't encourage growth. Instead, it's designed to stimulate chlorophyll activity for a stronger, more robust lawn that's better able to cope with the rigours of winter. In English, this means it keeps it green without the use of Nitrogen.

NutraGreen 4 also dehydrates any moss that may have built up, helping to control it by slowing down its activity. By keeping the moss spores to a low level, it also prepares your lawn for any mechanical work.

How it works

As growth slows down, the combination of Nitrogen, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and/or Phosphorous is no longer necessary. Now we need to support the development of chlorophyll, promoting a greener colour, strengthening the grass and also aiding recovery after any mechanical work. The NutraGreen 4 treatment does this.

In addition to dehydrating moss, NutraGreen 4 scorches moss, so it can't absorb moisture. This treatment also breaks down the plant structure of moss making it easier to be removed with surface thatch during Scarification.

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