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SlowMow Treatment

Lawn Treatment

Application of a Pesticide

What it does:

Reduces the grass vertical growth and improves the thickness of the lawn and strength of the root structure.

What the treatment involves:

An all over liquid spray using a specialised growth regulator. This affects the hormone in the grass that causes the vertical growth, decreasing its effects. The important natural growth process continues, but in the form of lateral and improved root growth for access to more nutrients and moisture.

SlowMow improves the health of the lawn by causing a greater concentration of nutrients in the resulting smaller, wider grass leaf.

Why you need it:

It reduces growth, meaning if you are unable to mow your lawn for some time (e.g. whilst on holiday) it will not get out of control. The amount of cutting required is reduced, saving you time and money. In particular, SlowMow is good for shady lawns as the plant is less inclined to grow towards sunny patches. It also results in a thicker, healthier lawn overall.

On the day:

Your qualified GreenThumb lawn operative will arrive, ensure your lawn is prepared and then carry out the spray treatment. They will then give advice on how you can best continue the care of your lawn alongside SlowMow and let you know your next treatment date.

If you have any questions then please feel free to speak with your Lawn Operative or contact your local branch.

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