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  2. NutraGreen 1 (Spring)


March - May


  • Encourages new growth
  • Improves colour and overall health
  • Controls weeds


  • Granular fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray

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NutraGreen 1 (Spring)

The best possible start to the year

The best start to the year.

Our experience delivering millions of treatments each year has gone into the development of this feed.

Spring is all about new growth and rejuvenation.

We designed NutraGreen Spring to work in both cooler and warmer springs.  It encourages the lawn to wake up with a flourish of colour from winter dormancy.

It provides the right ratios of nutrients to help the grass grow stronger and give it that vibrant lush green colour our lawns are famous for.

Our NutraGreen Spring treatment has twice the lawn food content than almost all off-the-shelf products you find at the garden centre, available to your gardener or used on your local golf course.

Lawns are very hungry plants and NutraGreen Spring is a big meal at this time of the year. Lawn grasses are very different from those used on golf or bowling greens and our treatments reflect this.  

Spring weather conditions tend to result in a flourish of young weeds, so this treatment also includes a treatment for broadleaved weeds such as daisies, dandelions, clover, plantains and buttercup.

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