1. Treatments
  2. NutraGreen 2 (Early Summer)


May - July


  • Stimulates growth and feed grass
  • Improves colour
  • Controls weeds


  • Granular fertiliser
  • Targeted herbicide spray

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NutraGreen 2 (Early Summer)

An essential top up for a thicker, greener lawn

Our NutraGreen Early Summer treatment helps to keep your lawn healthy and strong as the soil and air temperatures rise. We want your lawn to look its best at this time of the year as we know it’s the time you really start to use it.

The design of the NutraGreen 2 fertiliser element of this treatment is fully coated and is structured to give around 10 weeks of food for the lawn. The aim is a thick rich green lawn.

Tailored for Every Lawn Every Time

NutraGreen 2 treatment also includes a weed control application. It's tailored specifically for each lawn, depending on the weeds present and also which part of the UK you live in. Lawn weeds are different, so are the regions we find them and so are our treatments for them.

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